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Dubrovnik Sun PCO is an agency specialising in the organisation of congresses, meetings, incentives, team building, fairs and sports events. Our long-standing experience has been gained through the organisation of over 500 national and international events. Our experience will ensure the professionalism, quality and success of your congress, beginning with the idea itself, candidacy, performance, and of course, the final result.

Dubrovnik Sun PCO is your support for a complete organisation management that covers:

  • Preparing the candidacy
  • Preparation of supporting documents to submit with an application and creating a strategy.

  • Selecting a destination
  • Consultation and assistance in selecting the ideal destination in accord with the event organiser’s preferences and our experience of available destinations.

  • Assigment (of Hotel rooms and conference facilities)
  • After the destination is selected, we will finalize the initial agreement by securing accommodation and suitable conference facilities.

  • Event brand management
  • Event organisation and branding, identity design and brand visibility, event promotion among target audiences, online promotion and coordination with the media.

  • Event website creation and design
  • Professional online identity marketing through the provision of an attractive and user-friendly website using the latest software and offering valuable and useful information.

  • Budget preparation and management
  • Professional budget planning and administration, with an optimum budget allocation ensuring successful organisation and management.

  • Online booking management
  • Using our own congress management software, we ensure the most efficient participant data management, in accordance with the Personal Data Protection Act.

  • Online event attendee registration and preparation of conference materials
  • The latest technology ensures rapid and efficient management of all types of registration, sorting according to the organiser’s requirements, and enabling simple preparation of registration and conference materials according to pre-agreed categories.

  • Submission of papers and summaries
  • Our software solutions enable us to ensure a simple and rapid management, overview and evaluation of the papers, summaries and posters used in conference sessions.

  • On-site participant registration
  • Our agency has an experienced team of professionals ensuring conference participants and the organiser are provided with an easy and smooth registration process.

  • Organising conference facilities, technical equipment and professional support
  • After creating an event timeline and making venue reservations nothing is left to chance and our professional team provides technical support and stays with you all the way, covering even the most challenging technical aspects and demands.

  • Special on-demand services
  • Our expert team is ready to take on any challenge and use the most cutting-edge technology to respond to special demands.

  • Exhibition stand design and sponsor relationship management
  • Nurturing and cultivating good relationship with sponsors prior to an event and ensuring everything is covered in terms of exhibition planning. Stand design, exhibit space and booth layout and on-site coordination.

  • Poster session organising
  • A poster presentation at a conference, featuring paper and e-posters displayed at a suitable venue.

  • Organising shuttle services and excursions with online registration
  • Gathering required data for organising shuttle service and excursions during the event. Organising easy and rapid transportation, making attendees feel welcome immediately on arrival at the destination and providing memorable excursions and day-trips.

  • Communicating with participants, lecturers and guests
  • Our team is at the disposal of all event stakeholders, offering fast and efficient solutions responding to customer demands

  • Food and beverage service coordination
  • Assistance and consultation in organising food and beverage service for any occasion, with on-site food and beverage service coordination.

  • Entertainment ideas
  • After the event, by generating creative ideas and solutions we ensure good entertainment, decorating selected spaces as required.

  • Audio-visual services
  • Our high-quality technology and equipment ensures all organiser’s demands are met.

  • On-site consultation, management and coordination
  • The art of event planning includes harmonising and synchronising all aspects to ensure that an event runs smoothly and that all objectives and goals are accomplished. Our experts will make sure that every detail is covered.

  • Evaluation
  • After the event we will create a complete analysis by established criteria, providing a detailed overview of the event.

Our goal is to free you from worries about any of the listed details, so that you can concentrate on organising the educational and theoretical aspects of the congress. Dubrovnik Sun is also a DMC agency, our exclusive team able to take care of every detail of the organisation: hotel accommodation and technical needs, the halls, transfers, excursions and all other social activities. We simply don’t take chances with organisation and ultimately our mission is to provide the highest quality of service for you and your participants!

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